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Monday, June 25, 2007

m-city by Mariusz Waras

scroll down for the english version

Zbuduj własne miasto z magnesów Mariusza Warasa! Wykorzystaj swoja lodówkę, samochód lub inną metalową powierzchnię, sfotografuj nowe miasto i wyślij na adres

M - city in a first place is a ply with the form and space of the city. Cut out stencils showing factories, buildings, vehicles and people can be placed in surrounding municipal area, with which they often utterly compose. It gives an opportunity to shape the city freely, as a duplicate of what already exist, as a comment to its surroundings, or as your own interpretation. In all cases, black and white aesthetic is clearly visible.

How to use magnetic stencils?
- put on your fridge, car... any metalic surface
- take a photo your magnetic stencil spot in full resolution
- send it to


Anonymous said...

to jest sterowiec, a nie łódz podwodna ...

modelator said...

a kto powiedzial ze to łódź podwodna?